CSE 145 Projects

Winter 2018
Aerial Lidar Path Planning
Aerial Lidar Processing
Bitcoin Tim
Maya Multicamera
Polar Code
Wireless Poo (Final Video)
X-Ray Vision

Spring 2017
BlueHat (Final Report, Final Video)
Drone Motion (Final Report, Final Video)
Harpy Vision (Final Report, Final Video)
Hot Chicks (Final Report, Final Video)
Palissy Snake (Final Report, Final Video)
Pynq Radio (Final Report, Final Video)
Project Maya (Final Report, Final Video)
Radio Collar Tracker (Final Report, Final Video)
RoboTag (Final Report, Final Video)
Search and Identify Drone (Final Report, Final Video)
The Adversarial Problem (Final Report, Final Video)
Underwater Acoustics: Part I – Detection, Part II – Analysis – (Final Report, Final Video)

Spring 2016
3D Reconstruction (Final Video, Final Report: Kinect, Final Report: Tango)
IFT for Trojan Detection (Final Video, Final Report)
RSA Timing Attack Framework (Final Video, Final Report)
Cloud-Based LightSwitch (Final Video, Final Report)
Drone Pet (Final Video, Final Report)
Project Tau (Final Video, Final Report)
Underwater 3D Camera Rig (Final Video, Final Report)
Project Z (Final Video, Final Report)
Hardis (Final Video, Final Report)
Kidprint (Final Video, Final Report)
Triton Eye (Final Video, Final Report)
Intelli5 (Final Video, Final Report Software, Final Report Hardware)
Pool-Aid (Final Video, Final Report)
Dynamic Fusion 3D Reconstruction (Final Video, Final Report)
OpenROV Underwater Acoustic Localization System (Final Video, Final Report)

Spring 2015
CaveCamX (Final Video, Software Final Report, Hardware Final Report)
In Ear EEG (Final Video, Software Final Report, Hardware Final Report)
Mithril Shirt (Final Video, Final Report)
OpenROV (Final Video, Final Report)
Radio Collar Tracker (Final Video, Final Report)
Sign Language Glove (Final Video)
Tangent Boards (Final Video, Final Report)
Angry Birds (Final Video, Final Report)
Autonomous Paraglider (Final Video)
Bird Nest Detection (Final Video, Final Report)
BlueRave (Final Video, Final Report)
ViCAS (Final Video, Final Report)
OpenDAQ (Final Video, Final Report)
Underwater Stereo Camera (Final Video, Stereo Camera Final ReportUnderwater Tablet Final Report)

Spring 2014
Airborne Radio Collar Tracker
Autonomous Flying Robots
AUV Motion Planning
Hardware Accelerated Stereo Vision
Intelligent Camera Trap
Kinect Fusion on FPGA
Sparse Camera Coupled LIDAR
Stingray Drivers

Spring 2013
Airborne Radio Collar Tracker
Hardware Accelerated Real time Lane Detection
Camera Trap
Stitch Image 260
Extracting Secret Information From Embedded Systems
Leap Motion
Condor Video Camera
High Speed Laser Line Triangulation
Optimized Bitcoin Mining
Face Detection System

Winter 2012
Android UAV Control
Cellular Image Analysis
Circuit Borg
Locked On
Multi Input Sense Table (MIST)
Sentinel Video Trap
Stingray Underwater Vehicle
Sunken Networks

Spring 2011
XBOX Kinect 3-D Modeling
Underwater Communication
Financial Computation
Underwater Vision
Multitouch Table
Simulate and Eliminate

Spring 2010
Building Monitoring
Falco Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Optical Mapping
Simulcast Lectures
Stingray Autonomous Underwater Vehicle