Foot Pictures

I originally started taking a picture of my foot to prove that I was in a certain place. It’s much easy than asking some random person to take your picture. And your foot tends to age much better than the rest of your body, though your footwear may become outdated. I got the idea from Herman Schmit who had posted a few pictures of his bare foot back when he was at CMU. I am much more demure and typically leave my shoe on.

Australia – Great Barrier Reef FeetSydney Harbor Foot
South Africa – Cheetah Foot, Cape Buffalo Foot
Yosemite – North Dome Foot, Yosemite Falls Foot
London – London Foot
Praha Foot
Tikal Foot
AquaModern Foot
Germany – Oktoberfest Foot, Berlin Wall FootCheckpoint Charlie Foot
Copenhagen Foot
Fox Glacier Foot
Jeju Feet
Bratislava – Downtown Bratislava Foot, Devin Castle Foot
Tokyo – Shinjuku Gyoen FootRoppongi Hills Foot, Tsukiji Fish Market Foot
Epcot Foot
Blue Ridge Mountain Foot
Chicago – Comiskey Park Foot
Boston – Fenway Park Foot, Samuel Adams Grave Foot, Woods Hole Foot
San Diego – McGinty Mountain Foot, Cedar Creek Falls, San Miguel Mountain Foot
China – Great Wall of China, Xi’an Foot, Temple of Heaven Foot, Famen Temple, Longmen Grottoes