Prof. Dustin Richmond Starts at UC Santa Cruz

Kastner Research Group alum Dustin Richmond started as an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at UC Santa Cruz this Fall. Dustin got his Ph.D. in 2018 and spent a few years as a post-doc at the University of Washington.

For those of you that are keeping count, that means Dustin has transformed from a Husky (undergraduate) to a Triton (Ph.D.), back to a Husky (post-doc), and now a Banana Slug?! Clearly, he likes the West Coast.

While he has been gone for awhile, he is certainly not forgotten. We have continued to work with Dustin (and now his new research group) on projects related to FPGA security.

Dustin thinking about how one day he will be a banana slug.

Dustin in the much easier, carefree days of graduate school.

Colin Drewes: An Award-Winning Master Researcher

Congratulations to Colin Drewes for being awarded the 2022 UCSD Department of Computer Science and Engineering MS Research Award. Colin worked in our research group for almost three years – first as a CS undergraduate and during the past year as an CSE MS student. He was the de factor leader on one of our major research projects – a large multi-institution project between UCSD, University of Washington, and Georgia Tech Research Institute. The results of this project are an impressive string of publications (a couple still pending). Colin continues his graduate career as PhD student at Stanford University working with Caroline Trippel starting this Fall. Colin – you will be missed. Best of luck at Stanford!

Colin appears around the 15 second mark