We are broadly interested in designing future generations of embedded computing systems. These are non-traditional computing devices that we encounter often, usually without even realizing their existence. They are the brains that control our transportation (cars, planes), enable communication (wireless transceivers, network routers) and are even found exploring the far reaches of space (Mars Rover, satellites).

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Our group has a wide range of research interests. For those who want the excoriating details see our publications. The less adventurous should check out the following project pages.

Current Projects:
Hardware Security: Gate Level Information Flow Tracking (GLIFT)3Dsec
Hardware Acceleration: ApplicationsRIFFA: A Reusable Integration Framework For FPGA Accelerators
Remote Sensing: Underwater Systems Research, Engineers for Exploration, UCSD AUVSI

Old Projects:
Underwater Sensor Networking
Simulcast Lectures
Reconfigurable Security (RCsec)
Linear System Optimization
Adaptive Radiolocation
FIR Synthesis Benchmarks

More Specific Research Project Needs

National Science Foundation Air Force Office of Scientific Research Office of Naval Research NOAA
Fujitsu Intel Xilinx Altera
Cognex LANL UC Discovery Grant National Geographic
Lumedyne Technologies Bionano Genomics National Instruments Google