Project Ideas


I get a good number of requests for potential research projects. All too often, these requests linger in my mailbox primarily because it takes me more time than I can allocate to answer them. When I do respond, I typically send them to the various research project pages and ask them to talk to the project leaders (post-docs, graduate and undergraduate students) of those projects.

This is my attempt to create a page that I can quickly send to such email requests.

First check out the Kastner Research Group Webpage for information our most current work. There is a lot of information there, and some of it is likely stale, but it gives you a good flavor for the type of work that we do.

If any of it looks interesting to you, make an appointment to talk to me (email is good or just stop by if my office door is open). You can also talk to the students who are working on the project. I will most likely have you do this anyways, so you can cut out the middleman. They have the most up-to-date status of the project.