Qualcomm Institute Provides Seed Grant for Underwater Archaeology

perry+antonella-tahoeOur group was awarded a one year grant to aimed to develop robust 3D imaging techniques to study underwater archaeological sites. The grant, “Mapping and Visualizing Complex, Large-Scale Underwater Archaeological Sites and Artifacts” will extend the work done by Perry Naughton, Antonella Wilby and other Engineers for Exploration group members to create a multi-camera underwater system. The key contribution is to develop accurate localization in order to supplement the camera location information during the construction of the 3D models. Teledyne has generously loaned us an Explorer Doppler Velocity Log which we have coupled with an IMU, optical location techniques (e.g., optical flow), and acoustic ranging via buoys in order to get an accurate location lock for each picture taken. Press references [Qualcomm Institute, UCSD CSE]