Hardware Security Lattice Paper Accepted to ACM TODAES

latticeOur work on formalizing gate level information flow tracking (GLIFT) to handle multiple labels was accepted to the ACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems (TODAES). The article titled “Gate Level Information Flow Tracking for Security Lattices” extends the ability to track only two labels (e.g., trusted/untrusted) to larger number of comparable labels. For example, we could mark hardware cores as “verified built in-house”, “tested built in-house”, “verified external source”, “tested external source”, and “untested external”. In each case, there is a varying level of trust. With the ability to track these multiple labels, we can then understand how the various hardware cores affect each other. The lead author was our new post-doc Vinnie Wei Hu with co-authors Dejun Mu, Jason Oberg, Baolei Mao, Mohit Tiwari, Timothy Sherwood, and Ryan Kastner.