AMD Researchers Invade UCSD

Alireza Khodamoradi, Stephen Neuendorffer, and Kristof Denolf visited UCSD to discuss the latest and greatest at AMD. Ali, Steve, and Kristof are all part of AMD Research and Development Group. Ali discussed his research on new data types for hardware-accelerated computing. Ali is a Kastner Research Group Ph.D. alumnus who graduated two years ago and has since been working at AMD Xilinx. Steve is a long-time collaborator of our research group and co-author of the “Parallel Programming for FPGAs” with Ryan. Steve and Kristof did a tag-team presentation on the AI Engines — a new architecture that lies between a GPU and an FPGA. Kristof also has ties to our research group, having mentored Ali at Xilinx while Ali was doing an internship there during his Ph.D. and a co-author on our Streaming Spiking Neural Networks (S2N2) project. It was great to hear about their recent work and have all of them back in SD. And my apologies, but I forgot to record the AI Engine talk until a few minutes after it started!