CSE 237D: Embedded System Design

This is an embedded systems project course. You will work on teams on either your own project (with instructor approval) or ongoing projects. Examples from previous years include remote sensing, quadcopters, underwater vehicles, embedded vision, etc. Feel free to browse examples from previous years. The in-class discussions largely revolve around effectively presenting your research. We will discuss how to give good presentations, how to develop an online project web presence, and effectively write material towards a target audience. Each project will have multiple presentations over the quarter that will be critiqued by the instructors and students. The class ends with a final report and final video presentations.

Note: This class will follow the CSE 145 schedule. Please refer to that class webpage for info.

Instructor: Prof. Ryan Kastner (kastner@ucsd)
Office Hours: After class or by appointment

This is a project-oriented class on the broad topic of embedded systems. As such, the grading is primarily based on your project, and the tasks are set up as project milestones to ensure that you make progress over the course of the quarter.