CSE 145: Embedded Systems Design Project

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As the name implies, this is a project based course. You will be involved in a team project, spending the quarter building a substantial embedded system. The projects vary by year, but past projects involve robotics, sensor networks, computer vision and 3D modeling on embedded platforms, and human computer interaction devices. Feel free to browse some of the past projects to get a better idea.

The classroom sessions are dedicated to learning topics related to oral presentations, technical writing, team management, and entrepreneurship. You will be presenting your project in front of your peers several times – first as an elevator pitch, status updates, and final presentation. And you will write a final technical report. But the key is your final demo: where you will (hopefully) “wow” your fellow classmates, CSE professors, and the UCSD CSE community.

Instructor: Prof. Ryan Kastner (kastner@ucsd)
Office Hours: Tues 3-4pm and by appointment

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