CSE 145 Application Process

Class enrollment: The class has anĀ application process.

This class is unlike most other classes that you will take. The grade is entirely dependent on your class project which is evaluated in several ways over the quarter. This will (hopefully) be a project that you can brag about to potential employers, family, friends and random people on the street.

Enrollment is by instructor permission only so that I can ensure that students are ready to take this class. I plan to limit enrollment to about 20-30 students. The only prerequisite is CSE 30, but students who have taken other core courses, especially 140, 141, 120, will have some advantages in terms of developing projects.

My main goal is to ensure that you understand what this class is all about. You must have lots of initiative and problem solving ability for the class. I will not judge based on GPA. I understand that the best system builders are not always the best test takers (and vice versa). Have a look at the past projects to get a better idea of what you can do.

To apply to enroll in the course, fill out this form: CSE 145 Application.

If you want to have preferential consideration, you should submit your application by November 27. I will decide on the initial batch of students by December 5. After that applications will be accepted after that until all the slots are taken, but preference is given to those who submit their application early.

I will judge the applications based on how prepared I feel you are to handle these projects. Therefore, those that have experience and previous work in your potential project domain will be ranked higher. I strongly suggest that you contact me to get a better idea of what the project entails. Students who have done initial work to find a project (or even better have started working on the project) are more likely to be accepted into the class.

I am happy to talk to you more about the class and potential projects. Please email me to schedule a time.