Xilinx Software Installation and UCSD License Server

Steps for installing and running the Xilinx software on your own machine.

  • Xilinx Software Installation
  1. Go to: http://www.xilinx.com/support/download/
  2. Download Vitis Core Development Kit using the Xilinx Unified Installer
  3. You will need to make a username and password at the Xilinx website
  4. Both Linux or Windows versions are available.
  5. Make certain to note support Linux versions. Other versions may not provide full functionality.
  6. Installation instructions
  • License Settings 
  1. Open the program “Manage Xilinx Licenses”
  2. Open Vivado 2019.1 -> Manage Xilinx License
  3. Open Manage Xilinx License Search Paths
  4. Set the XILINXD_LICENSE_FILE to 2100@cselm2.ucsd.edu
  5. The license will only work if you are using the UCSD network. One can use VPN off-campus to access the license server. 
  • Notes
  1. Installation takes a long time and requires a lot of free space.
  2. I had some issues when installing in Ubuntu with the last step not finishing (very frustrating). It was very likely due to a library issue, so I would make sure that is installed (see post or this post).
  3. It is not clear to me that one needs the license server anymore. Everything seems to work for me in Ubuntu and I didn’t set the license file.
  4. Some visualization features do not seem to work in Windows 10 (Control Flow, Function Call Graph, etc.). A smaller subset of those features did not work on Ubuntu 21.04 (which is not Xilinx supported). I got them all to work on Ubuntu 20.04 (which is Xilinx supported).