CSE 87: Introduction to Robotics

CSE 87 – Introduction to Robotics

This class provides an introduction to robotics. The class is centered around programming a simple robot, scribbler, to perform a variety of tasks. It will describe how different sensors and actuators function, and how to use them in concert to execute various jobs. You will program your robot using a language called Python which is very easy to learn and use.

Here are some movies showing what you can do with scribbler:

Ryan Kastner (kastner@ucsd), CSE 2112
Office Hours: by appointment
Time – Wed 12-1pm
Location – CSE 3219
Textbooks and References
Learning Computing With Robots
Tutorial for Python programming language (from MIT)
Hardware and Software
The Scribbler: A Reprogrammable Robot
IPRE Fluke
Software Installation Manual
Software Reference Manual
Class grade will be based on attendance.
Tentative Course Calendar
Date Topic Reading Code
Week 1 An Introduction to Robots Chapter 1
Week 2 Getting Started with Python and Myro Chapter 2 Code
Week 3 Building Robot Brains Chapter 3 Code
Week 4 Sensing From Within Chapter 4 Code
Week 5 Sensing the World and Making Decisions Chapter 5 Code
Week 6 Designing Robot Behaviors Chapter 6 Code
Week 7 Behavior-based Control Chapter 7 Code
Week 8 Sights and Sounds Chapter 8 Code
Week 9 Robot Vision and Image Processing – Part 1 Chapter 9 Code
Week 10 Robot Vision and Image Processing – Part 2 and Wrap-up Chapter 9