CSE 292: Faculty Research Seminar

CSE 292 – Faculty Research Seminar

Instructor: Prof. Ryan Kastner (kastner@ucsd)
Time: Monday 11:00-noon
Location: EBU3B 1202

Class Description
This class is centered around a weekly lecture. These lectures feature speakers from both within and outside the department and include the department Distinguished Lecture Series. The class is graded Pass/No Pass based on attendance and written summaries of the talks. As such, you are expected to attend every week.


You are required to write a summary for each talk. Your grade is based on the quality of your summary.

  • Must be under 100 words. It is important for you to learn how to present your thoughts concisely.
  • Must contain three items:
    1. A one sentence summary of the talk.
    2. A short discussion on the most interesting aspects of the talk.
    3. Some thoughts on possibilities for future research that were not specifically mentioned in the talk.
  • Email the summary to kastner@ucsd before Wednesday noon (two days after the talk)
  • Please send the summary as text in the email, not as an attachment

Winter 2009 Schedule

Monday Jan 5 Class Introduction
Monday Jan 12 Philip Brisk (slides)
Monday Jan 26 Alfred Spector
Monday Feb 2 Gerhard Fischer (slides)
Monday Feb 9 John Lockwood (slides)
Friday Feb 26 Tim Sherwood
Monday March 9 Raymond Lister

Fall 2008 Schedule

Monday Oct 6 Steve Swanson
Monday Oct 13 Tajana Simunic Rosing
Monday Oct 20 Ranjit Jhala
Monday Oct 27 Majid Sarrafzadeh
Monday Nov 3 Terry Sejnowski
Monday Nov 10 Frank Vahid
Monday Nov 17 Steve Cooper
Monday Dec 1 Andrew Kahng
Wednesday Dec 3 Brad Calder